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We are Energreener

A company specialized in providing solutions for large corporations in the sustainable energy and carbon credits (ESG) segments, headquartered in Italy, in the city of Padova and with an office in Sao Paulo, Brazil.

Brazil is the main country in the world when it comes to ESG, due to its large expanse of preserved forest, its energy potential with clean and renewable energies and large companies that are focused on social issues. For this reason, Energreener chose Brazil to set up its first office outside Padova.

The idea

Companies from countries associated with the UN need to offset their emissions, and for these offsets to be made, it is necessary to acquire carbon credits from companies such as Energrenner.


Business of the Future

Each company has a limit to emit gases that cause the greenhouse effect. Those who issue less than the limit are left with credits that can be sold to those who have exceeded their limits.

One carbon credit is equivalent to 1 ton of carbon dioxide (or other gases) that is no longer emitted into the atmosphere.